Goldtex Reward Points

Goldtex Reward Points are a fun an innovative way to receive discounts for purchases you make everyday! Every item purchased online will earn you reward points which can be accumulated and redeemed to save you even more money. You can view your current point values by visiting My Account. Only registered users can earn Goldtex Rewards. If you'd like to start earning, sign-up here!

How much are my points worth?

400 $5
1100 $15
1900 $30
2600 $45
5000 $90

How can I earn Goldtex Reward Points?

It’s easy! Make a purchase and you’ll start earning points. The amount of points you will receive is indicated next to a yellow star on each item online

We’ve also added a few fun ways to earn points. Create an account, share your purchases on social media and review a product to continue earning points.

More details

Goldtex Reward Points are valid for online purchases only and expire after 2 years without purchase.

You can also transfer points to another account by contacting us at [email protected]

Having an issue with Goldtex Reward Points?

If you haven’t received points for an order or are having difficulty redeeming your points, please contact us at [email protected] to resolve the issue.

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  • School uniforms
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  • Daycare & Hospitality Supplies
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