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Medicine Feeders

  1. 3-Piece medicine set

    3-Piece medicine set



    This medicine set is great for administering medicine for babies all the way to toddlers. The medicine dropper administers small amounts necessary for infants, and the syringe administers more as your baby grows. Lastly the spoon can be used for toddlers who are able to sit up-right. Learn More
  2. Hydrator™




    BabyComfy Hydrator to actively administer fluids - Combines the best of a sippy cup and a syringe. It is rarely the flu or tummy bug that sends kids to the emergency room, but the resultant dehydration. Handing your child a bottle or sippy cup when they Learn More
  3. Pacifier Medicine Dispenser

    Pacifier Medicine Dispenser


    A baby who is feeling sick can be extra fussy, especially when it's time for medicine. A pacifier dispenser lets you give your baby medicine in a soothing and familiar way.

    • Gives baby medicine in a familiar way
    • Easy to fill
    • < Learn More