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Pocket Nanny Baby Care Timer


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  • Itzbeen®
    Pocket Nanny Baby Care Timer


The ITZBEEN Pocket Nanny is a clever, multi-purpose baby care timer. Four timers help new, sleep deprived parents remember and communicate the basics of baby-care, like: how long ago they changed a diaper, fed the baby, put them down for a nap, or gave them medication. Each timer can also give a reminder at certain intervals, if desired. Other helpful features include: back clip, nursing reminder switch, illuminated display, clock, and a soft nightlight for changing diapers in the dark.

  • Keeps track of all your baby care tasks - all at once!
  • One touch timers count up since last changing, feeding, napping and more.

Also includes

  • Optional alarms
  • Soft glow nightlight
  • Display back-light
  • Nursing reminder
  • Clock

It's simple. Just press a button once after

  • Diaper change
  • Nursing or feeding
  • Sleep or awake
  • Medication or other task

Helpful features

  • Soft glow nightlight: Helps to find your way in the dark. Automatically turns off after 7 minutes
  • Nursing reminder: Helps remember which side baby last fed from
  • Button lock: Prevents accidentally resetting timers
  • Back-light: Lets you see times in the dark
  • Optional alarms: Allows you to set a maximum time limit for each timer task. Perfect help for baby-sitters and sleep-deprived parents! If a time limit is reached, the appropriate timer button will light up to remind you. Turn the speaker switch on for audible beeps too.
  • Back clip: Make pocket nanny totally portable on your diaper bag or hip.
Weight & Dimensions
Package Dimensions 20 x 10 x 4 (cm)
Range & Capacity
Size No
Bottle Size No
Bottle Nipple Size No
Pacifier Nipple Size No
Country of Manufacture
Country of Manufacture China
Product Traits
Sleeve Length No
Gender Unisex
Theme Does not Apply
Character Family N/A
Manufacture UPC Does not apply
Price $39.99
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  • Itzbeen®
    Pocket Nanny Baby Care Timer