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Jolly Jumper®

Side by Side WeatherShield

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  • Jolly Jumper®
    Side by Side WeatherShield


This universal Weathershield is a great product to keep in your strollers basket in case of unpredictable weather conditions. It protects baby from rain, sleet, snow, and wind.

  • For dual canopy side by side strollers
  • Protects babies from rain, sleet, snow and wind
  • Lightly tined for UV protection on cold, sunny days
  • Plenty of ventilation holes for baby's comfort.

Note: Since this is a universal cover, it will not fit your stroller perfectly. If you want a perfect fit, you will have to buy the custom version sold by your strollers brand. However, this will fit fairly well, and will do its job of keeping your stroller and your children dry for a low price. The product may be subject to deterioration over time after excessive use in extreme cold or hot weather conditions. To increase the longevity of the product, leave to dry completely before storing after every use, and do not use in temperatures below 20ºC. 

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SKU 299
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We are a home child care agency and most of our providers use this shield on a daily basis. They are very resistant and fit almost all side side strollers that we have regardless of the brand.
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  • Jolly Jumper®
    Side by Side WeatherShield